ADR1FT parental review


ADR1FT is a puzzle game played from a first-person perspective. Players assume the role of an astronaut who is stuck on a destroyed space station and must find a way to survive and return home as well as look at logs and recordings which describe the events leading up to the disaster.

THREAT: The player must constantly find oxygen tanks or the astronaut eventually suffocates. As the game is first-person, the suffocation itself cannot be seen but it is conveyed through the audio.

SEX: There are infrequent mild sex references as someone states they have become sexually involved with a crew member and there is a use of the word ‘screw’ in the sexual sense but without any further detail.

DRUGS: There are some undetailed drug references, including references to addiction and ‘getting high’. However, no particular drugs are mentioned and the game does not endorse drug taking.


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