VIOLENCE: There is strong violence in this game, which is mainly made up of the player-character fighting Redcoats, and it includes blood splatters. There are however no strong gory images or any visible injury detail, and the historical setting helps provide distancing (and justification) for the violence. Though you sometimes have to do assassinations, these assassinations are of evil characters. The violence is contrasted by the many non-violent activities, like climbing buildings, looking for treasure chests, and hunting animals in the wilderness. Players are able to attack and kill civilians, but doing so repeatedly results in ‘desynchronisation’, which is basically a ‘game over’ screen, which strongly discourages attacking civilians. Also, in the options menu, blood can be toggled on or off. A couple of the cutscenes feature more drawn out, brutal violence, but even these feature little detail and do not dwell on pain or injury.

THREAT: There is a particularly strong cutscene where a man is threatened with a knife, and another scene where a character is about to be hanged.

LANGUAGE: The game contains around eight uses of ‘f**k’ and several uses of milder words too. .

OTHER: The game also contains infrequent sex references. Note that the historical setting of the game makes it good for learning about the American Revolutionary War. While there are some inaccuracies due to the storyline, the Animus Database provides heaps of entirely accurate facts.


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