Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is a stealth game set in Victorian London. Players assume the role of Jacob and Evie Frye, who must stop the Templars getting hold of a shroud that could give them control over London. Along the way, they meet various historical figures including Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and Alexander Graham Bell.

VIOLENCE: Jacob and Evie use weapons including daggers, canes and guns to fight enemy Templars and policemen, resulting in blood spurts, broken bones and realistic sound effects. Sometimes, blood pools around a defeated enemy’s body. Players can also “stealth kill” Templars and policemen, killing them swiftly. The objective of some missions is to assassinate a villain, but these assassinations not make up most of the violence in the game.

Civilians (excluding children) can be killed too, although repeatedly doing so results in desynchronisation, which can cause game progress to be lost. Overall, gameplay violence is presented in a stylised way, with blood spurts too bright to look realistic.
In one cutscene, an evil doctor operates on a patient. He removes an operating tool from the patient’s head, causing blood to spurt out onto the operating table. The patient dies and the doctor says a vital organ was damaged.

LANGUAGE: The Database, a collection of written files on each character, contains some strong language including f**k and motherf**ker. During gameplay, players are able to disturb civilians, occasionally causing them to exclaim swear words such as f**ker and s**t.

OTHER: In the Database, there is a reference to lip service used as an innuendo for oral sex.

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