Batman: Arkham VR is a thriller in which players assume the role of Batman, who is investigating a murder. The game is experienced from a first-person perspective in virtual reality.

VIOLENCE: In the reconstruction of a crime, there is a fight which ends in a crunchy neck break.

There is also a scene in which a restrained man is shot and a scene in which a man is hit with a fire extenguisher.

THREAT: There is a sense of threat throughout the game which culminates in the final scene, which is disturbing and leaves the game with no happy ending. Although the violence could have potentially been kept at a 12 rating, Batman: Arkham VR’s dark tone combined with the realistic virtual reality technology which makes the experience more intense.

OTHER: There is moderate injury detail as the player must examine bodies in a morgue. There are a few uses of moderate language such as ‘w**ker’.


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