Batman: Return to Arkham is a collection of two Batman games, Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. Players assume the role of Batman, a superhero.

VIOLENCE: In both games, the player fights enemies with punches, kicks and takedowns. Blows are often shown in slow motion, which means it dwells on detail, especially with how frequent the fighting is. Batman can also sneak up on enemies and suffocate them, though there is no dwelling on pain or suffering when this happens. Some cutscenes contain other forms of violence, such as a man being tortured in an electric chair. The strongest moment is in Arkham City, when the point of a blade emerges from a man’s chest after he is run through with a sword. There is a little blood around the exit wound.

THREAT: In Arkham Asylum, there is sustained threat as Batman is trapped inside a dark asylum and must battle mutated creatures. This, combined with blood stains and people strapped to torture devices, creates a sense of threat and menace.

OTHER: Mild language includes a**hole annd son of a b*tch. There are moderate sex references, most notably the banner saying ‘Live Nude Girls’ outside a strip club.


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