Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter set in World War One. Players assume the role of various soldiers, each fighting in a different part of the world. Gameplay includes dogfights, tanks, trench warfare, horses and ordinary gunplay.

VIOLENCE: The player is involved in intense battles in which an array of guns can be used, as well as close-combat weapons such as knives and spiked clubs. Battles are conducted from a first-person perspective with impacts registering as blood spurts. Gun violence does not usually carry a personalised edge due to the fast pace of the gameplay, but the close-combat kills are seen more close-up. These often feature large spurts of blood when an enemy is stabbed in the neck. However, there isn’t much in the way of injury detail, which means this can be kept at 15.
Cutscenes feature similar violence to the gameplay, with bloody impact detail in gunfights and a scene in which a man in stabbed in the neck, with limited detail.

LANGUAGE: There is strong language (f**k).


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