Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a sci-fi stealth/action shooter set in a cyberpunk future where some people have augments, granting them superhuman abilities. Players assume the role of Jensen, an augmented human who must track down a terrorist group.

VIOLENCE: Jensen can shoot and stab enemies, resulting in blood spurts and realistic sound effects. Blood may stain the floor around the enemy’s dead body. Jensen can also kill unarmed civilians, although doing so causes police to be summoned to stop the player. As Jensen is a righteous character, this violence is acceptable at 15, as killing civilians would not be in line with the type of person Jensen is.

Some cutscenes depict other acts of violence, including a fleeting glimpse of man’s head being smashed against the ground.

LANGUAGE: Strong language (f**k) appears regularly in dialogue.

SEX: In the game’s open world there is a Red Light District, where women can be seen standing behind windows in their underwear. Billboards showing topless women with nipples obscured can be seen. There is a strip club which has pole dancers and lap dancers. In the Red Light District there are also frequent verbal sex references, including an undetailed reference to sex toys.


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