Doom is a first-person shooter set on Mars. Players must fight monsters and demons.

VIOLENCE: Doom features constant gun violence towards monstrous creatures. It is accompanied by large blood splatters and defeated enemies explode into pieces. The player can also perform ‘glory kills’, which include violently smashing an enemy’s head open with his fist, yanking out an enemy’s heart and thrusting it down its throat and breaking off an enemy’s leg and using it to crush its head. These attacks are even more intense and gory than the usual violence, but they are short and brief, not getting in the way of the action. The most violent content, however, is the chainsaw, with which players can slice enemies’ bodies in two.

The enemy’s insides are visible when a chainsaw attack is performed but it varies from time to time, e.g. it can be from the head downwards or from the shoulder downwards. But one thing every chainsaw attack has in common is that it always results in the most detailed gore.
In multiplayer mode similarly gory violence is used against enemy humans.

OTHER: Environments have pools of blood and gore strewn around. There is one use of strong language (f**k). Mild bad language, such as s**t, features as well.


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