VIOLENCE: Due to its Stone Age setting, Far Cry Primal’s gameplay features bloody violence with primitive weapons such as clubs, spears and bows and arrows. Impacts result in large blood spurts. The first-person perspective means bloodshed is more intense, but infliction of pain is not dwelt upon. Some areas in the game include sight of mutilated bodies.
Cutscenes also feature strong violence and gore, even within the first 10 minutes when a man is mauled by a mamooth, so his dying body is covered in blood and his bone is partly exposed. Possibly the nastiest scene shows a  dagger repeatedly plunged into a man’s head while he grunts, but this is at his request to reduce the pain of a headache! The BBFC guidelines state at 15 violence ‘should not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury’. This scene isn’t by definition violence as it is intended to relieve pain, and the scene doesn’t last for a huge amount of time.
A large part of Far Cry Primal is also made up of hunting and skinning animals. This might not be considered as bad as the violence towards humans as it feels more ‘natural’.
Another point to consider is that the Stone Age setting makes the violence and occasional gore feel, overall, more ‘natural’ in the game than if it were, say, in a modern shooter, because it is from a more primitive time. Therefore, while certain moments can be gory, the context means a ’15’ rating is acceptable.

SEX: BBFC guidelines state: ‘At 15 sexual activity can be portrayed, but usually without strong detail. Some sex scenes can be quite long at this category.’ There are some strong sex scenes in this game, with visible thrusting and audible moans. There is no strong detail or nudity in any of these scenes. In other parts of the game, natural nudity is depicted because of the game’s primitive setting.

OTHER: No profanity apart from a handful uses of ‘p*ss’.


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