Gal Gun: Double Peace is a Japanese first-person shooter with an anime art style. Players assume the role of a boy who is looking for his girlfriend-to-be but must fend off other girls to get to her.

SEX: This is a bizzare thing to write about. The gameplay in Gal Gun: Double Peace mainly consists of shooting young anime girls with pheromones, not bullets, making them squeal with delight. Players are encouraged to hit the girls ‘in the sensitive parts’. The more obviously sexual content, however, appears in a close-up mode in which the player can view skimpily dressed girls from different angles and ‘stroke’ them by moving his (sweaty) finger across the controller’s touchpad. This stroking results in moans of pleasure from the girls.
And there’s more. ‘X-ray Zoom’ allows the player to see through girls’ clothes so their underwear can be seen.

It’s important to note that although there is no actual sexual activity in this game, the fact that the girls in this game look under 18 is creepy.


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