Grand Theft Auto V parental review

1031366GTAV is an open world game in which you play as three criminals in a city.

LANGUAGE: The game contains multiple uses of very strong language (c**t), some of which are directed and aggressive, as well as use of racist language and over 1000 uses of different variants of the F word.

VIOLENCE: Players are allowed to use various means to brutally kill both enemies and innocent civilians, though police searches can be triggered by this, which may discourage it. Violence can cause large pools of blood to appear. In one scene in the game, the player must torture a character using various methods, such as tooth removal with pliers and waterboarding. This scene is long, cannot be skipped and is interactive, making it quite disturbing.

NUDITY: You can go to a strip club and get a topless lap dance that can last a long time. During the lap dance, you have the option of running your hands over the stripper’s body. Due to the scene focusing on titillation, it can only be acceptable at ’18’ level. GTAV also contains male full frontal nudity in a non-sexual context.

SEX: You can have first person sex with a prostitute in a car, and although no nudity is visible in these cases, thrusting and fellatio is shown and moaning can be heard. The first person viewpoint makes the sex feel more realistic. There is also implied masturbation and necrophilia.

DRUGS: The player character is able to use narcotics at some points in the game and cocaine use is depicted. The game allows the player to drink drive.


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