Heavy Rain parental review


Heavy Rain is an interactive thriller in which the player assumes the role of four characters and must hunt down a serial killer. The story is shaped by the player’s decisions.

VIOLENCE: Heavy Rain contains infrequent strong violence, mainly made up of fist-fighting, but there is never any strong detail of injuries inflicted. The strongest violence takes place in a scene in which an evil doctor tries to drill a hole in a character’s leg. If the player manages to escape, the doctor gets drilled himself, but if the player fails, the character gets a hole drilled through her leg.

However, the detail is not visible during this scene due to camera angles, so it is allowed at 15. In another scene, a playable character has to chop his own finger off. The scene is disturbing because it is interactive and the character screams in agony, but there is very little detail due to the camera angles, meaning it can be permitted at 15.
There are also some possible suicide scenes which include a character shooting himself in the head and a hanging.

LANGUAGE: Strong language (f**k) appears in the game.

SEX: BBFC guidelines state: ‘At 15 sexual activity can be portrayed, but usually without strong detail.’ Heavy Rain contains a sex scene in which a couple undress, embrace and start to make love. Breasts are briefly visible, but the scene lacks in strong detail.

NUDITY: There is sexualised nudity as a woman is forced at gunpoint to strip and dance for a man; her breasts are visible. However, the scene has a humourous edge as she outsmarts the man, picking up a lamp while bending over in front of him and knocking him out with it. There are also shower scenes with non-sexual nudity in the game, including both male and female, although full-frontal nudity is never visible.

DRUGS: There are some drug references. One main character is addicted to a drug called triptocaine, though we never see him actually taking it. During the game, the player has a choice to avoid the drug, but if the player chooses to use it, the negative effects of the addiction are portrayed later on. The display of the negative effects of drugs means this content can be permitted at 15. In one scene in the game, there is cocaine on a table.


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