Here They Lie parental review


Here They Lie is a surreal horror game set in a city inhabited by strange, nightmarish creatures.

LANGUAGE: There is occasional strong language (f**k).

SEX: In one area the player finds a note that implies a female character encased willing men in plaster so that they couldn’t move. As the player explores the area many bodies encased in plaster can be seen. It is implied that this is part of a sexual fetish, but the game’s surreal nature and lack of real-world context means it is highly unlikely to cause an interest in real-life fetish content.
Other visual sex references include people with animal masks simulating lap dancing sexual thrusting and masturbation hand movements.

HORROR: What appear to be people with animal masks are frequently encountered and they behave in disturbing ways, for example one person with a horse’s head encourages the player to push him off a ledge to certain death. In one scene the player enters a theatre where men in animal masks keep falling from the ceiling, suspended in the air with nooses around their necks. They appear to struggle and choke as the audience cheers. The player can choose to free them but however many are freed, more keep falling. There are also some intense supernatural events and pools of blood.

VIOLENCE: There is a scene in which someone is hit on the head with a club, causing the person to fall. Blood pools around the body. In another scene someone is repeatedly kicked and hit on head with a crowbar, then dragged away.


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