Homefront: The Revolution parental review

6118482_origHomefront: The Revolution is a first-person shooter set in Philadelphia in 2029. Players assume the role of Ethan Brady, who stages a resistance movement against invading North Korean forces.

VIOLENCE: There is a cutscene near the start of the game in which an interrogator kills a restrained man by repeatedly beating his head with a hammer. There are blood splatters and bone crunches can be heard. It takes place within the context of an interrogation which is already gruesome enough and has a sadistic edge. Therefore it goes further than is allowed at 15 by the BBFC’s guidelines, which state ‘Strong sadistic violence is unlikely to be acceptable.’
The gameplay contains strong and bloody violence. Players must shoot and stab enemies to progress, but there is no dwelling on the infliction of injury.

OTHER: There is frequent use of strong language, including f**k. There are some moderate sex references as a prostitute makes sexual comments such as ‘Nothing rough’ and there are some moderate drug references. In some cutscenes there is strong threat.


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