Hyrule Warriors Legends parental review

1367794_origHyrule Warriors Legends is a hack-and-slash action game set in a fantasy Universe which is made up of different Legend of Zelda games.

VIOLENCE: In Hyrule Warriors Legends, the player must fight continuous hordes of fantastical creatures with various weapons (mainly the sword). Several enemies are wiped out even with a single blow, however there is no blood and defeated enemies disappear in a puff of smoke. Therefore the game contains frequent mild fantasy violence.
Additionally in a couple of cutscenes, monsters are killed and their bodies remain on the ground instead of disappearing immediately, but these scenes are brief.

THREAT: Some cutscenes depict mild threat. In a bad dream, a girl is chased in a field by massive clouds of darkness which overwhelm her. She then wakes up so the threat is resolved. In another scene, an army of monsters marches towards Hyrule Castle.

OTHER: Some female characters wear outfits which expose large amounts of cleavage.


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