1979 Revolution: Black Friday parental review

19791979 Revolution: Black Friday tells the story of the Iranian revolution. Players assume the role of Reza, a photographer who documents the events but gets embroiled into them himself. The game is heavily focused on story and historical accuracy. The gameplay mostly involves making decisions, taking photos or, in a few scenes, following button prompts to fight back against someone who is attacking you.

VIOLENCE: All the violence takes place within this historical context, and 1979 Revolution tells the story of the revolution without showing a lot of graphic violence, despite the dark subject matter. However, there are some scenes of violence.
Reza is struck by an interrogator, causing him to fall. Then the player must choose whether to call the interrogator by his proper name. Each time the player refuses, Reza is kicked by the interrogator. Later on in the game, Reza’s brother is brought into the room and the interrogator threatens to torture him if Reza does not do as he asks. His brother is briefly tortured with a cattle prod. However the detail is obscured because of the camera angle.
The protesters want a peaceful revolution but near the end of the game, the protests reach a climax and soldiers start shooting at people indiscriminately, killing masses of people. A large spurt of blood is seen when one man is shot down. Blood is later seen pooling from his body. There are also a couple of scenes of moderate violence in other parts of the game.
Much of the dialogue describes crimes committed by the Shah, such as executions, torture and slaughter, though it does not go into strong detail.


INJURY DETAIL: There is strong bloody injury in a scene where Reza, who the player plays as, has to pull a knife out of his friend, who has been stabbed in the stomach. His stomach is covered in blood and blood pours out of the wound as the knife is pulled out. The wound is then patched up.

OTHER: There is some bad language, including a**hole, s**t, crap and screw. There is one reference to rape as a man says people ‘raped him’ and opium addicts are referenced at one point in the game.
The overall tone of the game feels positive at first as the protesters are full of hope of what a future Iran could be like, but there is no happy ending.


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