Layers of Fear parental review

9123040Layers of Fear is a psychological horror game in which players  control an insane painter. It involves exploration of a house to  uncover the story.

HORROR: There are scenes of strong supernatural horror in  which scary, inexplicable events happen, e.g. paintings flying  off walls, distorting corridors, a giant, blood-soaked baby head,  baby dolls bashing their heads against a bed, hauntings by a  vengeful spirit etc. These scenes are horrifying and sometimes  involve jump scares. If they were more infrequent, they could be permitted at ’12’ but they happen frequently, causing a sustained sense of horror and fear. Also, some of the paintings visible in the game are disturbing, e.g. a wolf tearing apart a girl, blood and gore dripping from its jaws.
Overall, The horror element in this game is sustained, establishing a constantly tense atmosphere.

LANGUAGE: Multiple uses of the F word.
VIOLENCE: As players explore the house, they will discover more about the story through flashbacks, which describe acts of violence, though this violence is never seen. In one room, the player has to repeatedly pull a chain, every time screams of pain are heard from outside the room.


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