Mafia III parental review

m3_origMafia III is an open-world crime game set in 1960s America. Players assume the role of Lincoln, a Vietnam veteran who wants revenge on the Marcano Crime Family for killing his friends.

SEX: One mission involves going to an orgy where topless men and women can be seen caressing and kissing. On a stage, a topless woman gives a man oral sex. Other graphic sex scenes include two men having sex in a bathtub.

NUDITY: Throughout the game, players can collect historical magazines including Vargas and Playboy magazines, which feature photos of models with exposed breasts and buttocks. This use of nudity as collectables that can be used for players’ viewing pleasure is best suited to an 18 rating. There is other nudity too, including topless women in a brothel.

VIOLENCE: During gameplay, Lincoln can shoot enemies, accompanied by realistic blood spurts which splatter the environment. Enemies often continue to writhe around on the ground for a few seconds after being fatally shot. Lincoln can also smash enemies’ heads into objects, stab them in the neck and take them down. Other weapons include molotov cocktails, which cause enemies to burn to death as they scream in pain. Players can also choose to kill unarmed civilians and steal cars. Witnesses will run for the nearest phone to call the police but this can be prevented by taking them out. In this way Mafia III rewards violent behaviour.
As part of the storyline, Lincoln commits terrible acts, including trying to kill a particular enemy but also killing innocent people in the process. The game even opens with a bank heist, which is treated in a light-hearted tone. Although Lincoln is a character with some good qualities, he is a criminal.

LANGUAGE: There is very strong language, including the phrase ‘sister-f***ing c**ts’. There is also frequent strong language, including motherf***er and c***sucker, and racist language which was common in the time period, including ni**er, coon and g**k.

OTHER: There is some hard drug use, which includes missions where you have to spike drinks with LSD.


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