South Park: The Stick of Truth parental review


South Park: The Stick of Truth is a cartoon turn-based role-playing game based on the cartoon comedy series. Combat is turn-based, meaning characters and enemies take turns to perform various attacks.

Certain scenes described below (the anal probe and abortion scene) have been censored in Europe, but even the censored version of the game we would still rate 18. Please note that although all of the sexual content in the game is humourous, it is still too strong to rate 15. The below review gives detailed information all of the main issues in the game.

SEX: The Stick of Truth contains multiple strong sex scenes. The strongest features the player character’s parents having vigorous sex in various positions, which the character witnesses without them noticing. They are both completely naked. They moan and the woman urges him on. This can be witnessed for long as the player wants before moving on. The player (who is smaller than a mouse) then has to fight enemies whilst the couple are still having sex in the background. Next, the player has to climb onto the bed and is directly underneath the couple having sex while having to fight enemies. During the battle, the woman’s relatively huge breasts are frequently seen above and the player has to occasionally dodge the man’s swinging testicles, although the penis is kept firmly out of the camera’s view. This strong detail, along with the extraordinary length of the scene (literally, it’ll take at least 10 minutes), means the scene has to be classified 18.
There is also a scene in which a character is abducted by an alien spaceship and strapped to an operating table. He is forced to repeatedly have huge anal probes inserted into his anus. The probes are visibly seen entering his buttocks during this scene. Other sexual scenes in the game include a man briefly having sex with a horse. There are also several other cases of nudity in the game.
The game also contains strong sex references: A weapon the player is able to use is called the vibroblade and looks like a vibrating d*ldo. A song in the game contains the lyrics ‘boy did she swallow’ in reference to oral sex.

ABORTION: There is an interactive fake abortion performed on a man. The player has to follow the prompts to complete the various stages. Though the detail is obscured the scene is uncomfortable to say the least, especially as the man yells ‘Ow, my balls!’

OFFENSIVE HUMOUR: Some character stereotypes could be perceived as offensive: A man who is obviously gay says, ‘I had some drinks, so shoving a thermonuclear device up my ass wasn’t completely out of the question’. The player is tasked with climbing into the man’s rectum and aborting a nuclear bomb which is inside it. As the player explores the man’s rectum he comes across sex toys and animals that the man has apparently shoved through his anus. The same gay character can be summoned during battles in the game using an ability during battle to have sex with the enemies, which include animals. he moans repeatedly though there is no strong detail. Essentially, this humour is at the expense of gay people.
One weapon the player is able to use throughout the game is called the Circumscythe. It causing bleeding in a ‘sensitive area’, as the game puts it, and although the actual detail of the attack is obscured, there is a lot of blood and a snipping sound.
Another attack summons Jesus to shoot the enemies, dealing ‘Kosher damage’.

OTHER: There is frequent strong language including f**k and c**ksucker and frequent use of milder words too.
Attacks during turn-based combat can cause a lot of blood but the game’s cartoon style lessens the impact. Some cutscenes depict characters getting torn apart, but it’s intended to be over-the-top and humourous.
An illegal drug is seen in a bedroom at one point in the game.


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