Outlast parental review

1742362_origOutlast is a first-person horror game set in a dilapidated psychiatric hospital. The player must avoid detection by the mutant enemies in the hospital and get out alive.

VIOLENCE: There are many scenes of strong violence which have a sadistic edge. For example, in one sequence a man is burned to death and he is heard screaming in agony. If his body is inspected after, burn marks can be seen. In another sequence, a man is crushed between a lift and the floor. Other scenes in the game also depict strong violence, including stabbings. The asylum is littered with dead bodies, body parts and internal organs.

SEX: A couple of disturbing sequences in the game depict necrophilia: In one scene, someone briefly has sex with a headless corpse and in another, a someone wipes a corpse’s stomach whilst making sexualised comments. Masturbation is also depicted in one place though not in great detail.

NUDITY: Two male enemies are fully naked.

OTHER: There is one use of very strong language (c**t). There is also quite a bit of strong language (f**k) and milder language, such as s**t and a**hole.

Most of the above content is designed to scare and shock the player, for example the idea of someone masturbating in an asylum filled with bodies is disturbing.


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