Quantum Break parental review

831952_origQuantum Break is a sci-fi third-person shooter. Players assume the role of a man who essentially becomes a superhero because of his ability to warp time to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. He has to save time.

VIOLENCE: The gameplay in Quantum Break features strong bloody violence towards enemy human characters, mainly consisting of realistic gunfire resulting in blood spurts. Some kills are shown in slow motion as blood sprays from the defeated enemy. The player can also unleash ‘time attacks’, which do not result in any blood at all.
The game also gives access to live-action sequences in the form of a short series. These feature fast-paced action violence.

LANGUAGE: Frequent strong language (f**k) throughout and use of milder words such as s**t and a**hole.

SEX: In one scene, images of a dominatrix spanking a gagged man briefly appear on a computer screen.


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