The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures parental review

2209817The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is a retro-style 2D platformer which parodies various bad games and gaming genres Youtube star the Angry Video Game Nerd has reviewed.

VIOLENCE: The player character has a firearm, which causes defeated enemies to explode in a spray blood and bones. The pixelated, retro style of the game means there is little focus on detail whenever this happens. But as you have to shoot many enemies throughout the game, the violence is frequent.

SEX REFERENCES: One level in AVGN Adventures, titled ‘Beat it and Eat it’, is set in a strip club and features nude girls, giant bouncing breasts and springboards that look like breasts. The boss of the level is a nude man who attacks with white pixels that come from his genitals- you can probably guess what those white pixels might be supposed to represent. This content is acceptable at 15 because the game’s pixelated, retro art style means very little detail of the nudity can be seen. All this content is for comedic value and parodies games seen in AVGN Episode 33 on Youtube. The game also contains some other sex references, such as mention of nipple clamps.

LANGUAGE: During gameplay, the Nerd gives a running commentary, which very often includes bad language, such as ‘f**k’. Additionally: One of the levels in the game is titled ‘Future F**kballs 2010’. In the pause menu, the two options are ‘CONTINUE’ and ‘F**K IT’. One of the difficulty settings in the game is called ‘Motherf***ing Impossible’.

OTHER: Extra lives are presented as beer bottles which are consumed by the player’s character when collected.


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