The Angry Video Game Nerd 2: Assimilation

3102086_origThe Angry Video Game Nerd 2 is a retro 2D platformer based on the Angry Video Game Nerd Youtube series. Players assume the role of the Nerd, who must save the world which has been turned into a video game. This game is in the style of classic 80s games.

VIOLENCE: The Nerd has a laser gun which he can shoot at various (mostly non-human) enemies to blast them apart in sprays of blood and guts. If the Nerd gets killed in a level, which will happen a lot due to the game’s high difficulty, he also explodes in a spray of blood. The game’s art style however means that this content is not detailed.

LANGUAGE: The Nerd offers a running written commentary during gameplay which constantly uses the word f**k and milder words including s**t and a**hole. Strong language appears in the pause menu too (the option to quit a level is titled ‘F**k it’) and one of the bosses the Nerd has to fight is called Mr F**kit.

CRUDE HUMOUR: In the style of the youtube series, this game features plenty of crude humour, with lines such as ‘Suck my ass!’, ‘Suck my balls’ and ‘Genital Wartz: It’s wet willy time!’. During one boss battle, the Nerd has to avoid penis-shaped missiles. There are also references to sexually transmitted diseases.

OTHER: Extra lives are represented by beer bottles. One line of dialogue mentions a ‘toymaker’s wet dream’ when describing a level.


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