The Bunker parental review


The Bunker is a live-action game featuring John, a man who has lived his life in a nuclear bunker on his own after the outside world was devastated by a nuclear apocalypse. He experiences flashbacks to his childhood.

LANGUAGE: There is one use of strong language in an exclamation ‘for f**k’s sake’. Mild and moderate language also features, including tw*t, bastard, s**t and Christ.

VIOLENCE: Moderate violence includes a sequence in which a man tries to strangle a boy’s mother, but the boy shoots the man before he is able to kill her. Blood is later smeared on the floor as the body is dragged away.

INJURY DETAIL: After an accident, a character finds that a shard is embedded in his arm. There is some blood. He pulls the shard out with his fingers, although the camera cuts away at that point so only his facial reactions to the pain are seen. Blood is seen again as he bandages the wound. In another scene, he pushes his hand into a body bag containing a rotten body and his hand comes out gunky, but the scene is dimly lit so not much detail can be made out. There is occasional sight of people coughing blood.

THREAT: The boy and his mother run and hide from a masked man holding a gun.

OTHER: In two scenes John is tormented by the imaginary ghosts of people who have died in the bunker.
Although The Bunker has some disturbing scenes featuring physical and pyschological threat, the overall tone is not too disturbing, and neither is the ending.


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