The Order: 1886 parental review

d2The Order: 1886 is a shooter set in an alternate history of the Victorian Era.

VIOLENCE: During gameplay, firearms are mainly used to kill enemies, which can be humans or werewolves. Firefights are intense and include blood splatters. Using certain weapons can result in strong gore, such as arms being blown off and decapitations.  If the player’s character is killed by a werewolf, there is strong gory detail as it tears out his throat. Some cutscenes also depict strong violence, such as a torture scene where a man’s head is repeatedly dunked underwater, and a close-up scene where a knife is thrust into a character’s neck.

OTHER: One sequence in the game takes place in a brothel, and sexual sounds can be heard from the rooms. There is a brief sex scene during this sequence which includes visible breasts and, very briefly (after the act), sight of male genitals. This scene would be acceptable at ’15’ level. The Order: 1886 also includes some strong language, such as ‘f**k’.


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