The Witcher III: Wild Hunt parental review

w3wh_origThe Witcher: Wild Hunt is a fantasy role-playing game based on a series of novels by a Polish author. Players assume the role of Geralt, a Witcher who is looking for his daughter Ciri.

VIOLENCE: Gameplay contains frequent bloody violence against human and fantastical enemies as Geralt uses melee weapons such as swords to defeat enemies. Geralt can perform gory finishing moves, often shown in slow motion, which result in decapitation or dismemberment.
Cutscenes also depict gory images that are well accommodated at 18: a horse being chopped in half and a crow burrowing through a man’s eye socket and coming out through the back of his head.

LANGUAGE: There are multiple uses of very strong language (c**t), some of which are aggressive. For example, a woman’s head is smashed into an object as she is called a c**t. There is also lots of strong language, including c***sucker and motherf***er.

SEX: Players can choose to visit brothels and pay with in-game coin to trigger sex scenes. Some of these scenes feature breast and buttock nudity, sexual moans and implied thrusting. Although the amount of detail shown could be contained at 15, the fact that the sex scenes are a result of a choice made by the player rather than important scenes in the game’s storyline means they are not justified by context. There are also similar sex scenes in the main storyline.

NUDITY: One scene features three nude women stirring a cauldron full of blood and body parts. Blood is smeared on their naked skin. This combination of nudity and horror is another reason for the 18 rating.
Other nudity includes: a woman in a bathtub letting Geralt see her breasts; topless courtesans in a bathhouse; three naked female corpses in a bathtub, with genitals obscured by the water (the implication being that there was some sort of sexual violence); a nude female model for a painting.


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