Watch Dogs parental review


Watch Dogs is a third-person shooter stealth game set around Chicago.

VIOLENCE: Gameplay contains violence involving weapons such as firearms, clubs and explosions to defeat human enemies. Impacts may result in a small amount of blood, but there is never any strong detail. Generally, the player is encouraged to play stealthily using hacking, meaning violence is relatively infrequent. Hacking can be used to cause deaths however, e.g. by causing traffic accidents. The player is able to attack innocent civilians in the open world, but he is not encouraged to do so.

Some of the cutscenes also contain violence, such as a man being stabbed and man being shot in the head. These scenes are strong, but they do not dwell on infliction of pain or injury and so are permitted at 15.

SEX: The BBFC’s guidelines state ‘At 15 sexual activity can be portrayed, but usually without strong detail. Some sex scenes can be quite long at this category.’ Watch Dogs contains multiple sex scenes: One scene depicts a woman giving oral sex to a man in an apartment block. It can only be seen from a distance and there is little detail. Another scene depicts a man having sex with a woman as she moans and urges him on. Again, it is viewed from a distance and the camera angle prevents strong detail from being seen. Each scene is sufficiently lacking in detail to be permitted at 15.
There are some sex references in the game’s dialogue such as ‘Being this close to gangbangers gives me a rash’.  Also, civilians in this game have a sort of profile which includes a brief description. Some of the descriptions of civilians are sexually explicit, such as ‘frequently purchases condoms’. One scene in the game depicts a man masturbating while watching p0rnography, though neither what he is watching nor the act itself can be seen.

NUDITY: Strong nudity occurs when the player has to infiltrate a sex trafficking auction. The girls being auctioned have to stand on a stage in only their underwear and the bidders make comments about have the girls look. The way they are treated like objects is disturbing. This content is permitted at 15 because the player is working against the sex trafficking. Bare breasts are also depicted very infrequently elsewhere in the game.

LANGUAGE: The BBFC’s guidelines at 15 state there may be ‘frequent strong language'(for example, f**k). Watch Dogs’s dialogue features strong language.

OTHER: In one cutscene, characters inject themselves with drugs. The player’s character consumes lots of alcohol.


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