Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma parental review


Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is a psychological thriller in which nine people are kidnapped by a masked man called Zero and trapped in a large building. They are forced to play a game called the Decision Game, where if six participants die, the other three are able to escape.

THREAT: There is the constant sense of threat as the participants have to work out how to escape various rooms and make decisions that result in terrible consequences either way e.g. choosing who to kill. There is also one scene of sexual threat. A man straddles a female character without her consent, but the scene goes no further.

VIOLENCE: Due to the rules of the Game, characters are inevitably turned against each other. Scenes of violence include use of weapons such as an axe, a crossbow and a gun, resulting in injuries and large blood spurts. However, in most of these scenes the actual infliction of injury is not seen because the camera points somewhere else. The aftermath of the violence is then seen in bloody detail. In one prolonged scene, a girl cuts out a dead man’s heart, however any gory detail is obscured by her body.

LANGUAGE: Strong language (f**k) is used.

OTHER: One female character’s clothes reveal a lot of cleavage. There are infrequent sex references such as a reference to sleeping with someone.


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