Amnesia Collection parental review


Amnesia Collection is a collection of three psychological horror games.

VIOLENCE: There is some violent content, including a scene in which a drill pierces a man’s chest and blood spurts out. There are also strong verbal references to violence and torture.

HORROR: There is strong, sustained horror throughout, including disturbing images. The storyline is very scary. However, there is not a sustained focus on sadistic threat.

GORY IMAGES: There are some gory images, such as body parts lying around.

NUDITY: The BBFC’s guidelines state ‘There are no constraints on nudity in a non-sexual context.’ Amnesia Collection contains naked male corpses, which can possibly be examined in detail.

LANGUAGE: There is one use of very strong language (c**t) in the third game, Amnesia: Justine as well as mild language such as s**t and b*****d.


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