Amnesia Collection parental review

Amnesia Collection is a collection of three psychological horror games. VIOLENCE: There is some violent content, including a scene in which a drill pierces a man's chest and blood spurts out. There are also strong verbal references to violence and torture. HORROR: There is strong, sustained horror throughout, including disturbing images. The storyline is very scary. However, there … Continue reading Amnesia Collection parental review


Year Walk parental review

HORROR: There is no visible violence in Year Walk, but the theme is dark and the ending is unhappy. Most of the story is left to the imagination, as not much of the plot is spoon fed to the player. This makes it haunting. As you play through the game, you'll encounter various creatures from Swedish mythology … Continue reading Year Walk parental review

Resident Evil: Revelations parental review

This is a horror game set upon an abandoned ship. VIOLENCE: Most of the violence involves the player shooting monsters, causing spurts of blood. If a monster grabs hold of the player character, it begins feeding off him. One type of monsters extends a tongue into the player to feed. You can see a lot … Continue reading Resident Evil: Revelations parental review

Outlast parental review

Outlast is a first-person horror game set in a dilapidated psychiatric hospital. The player must avoid detection by the mutant enemies in the hospital and get out alive. VIOLENCE: There are many scenes of strong violence which have a sadistic edge. For example, in one sequence a man is burned to death and he is … Continue reading Outlast parental review

Layers of Fear parental review

Layers of Fear is a psychological horror game in which players  control an insane painter. It involves exploration of a house to  uncover the story. HORROR: There are scenes of strong supernatural horror in  which scary, inexplicable events happen, e.g. paintings flying  off walls, distorting corridors, a giant, blood-soaked baby head,  baby dolls bashing their … Continue reading Layers of Fear parental review