Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma parental review

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is a psychological thriller in which nine people are kidnapped by a masked man called Zero and trapped in a large building. They are forced to play a game called the Decision Game, where if six participants die, the other three are able to escape. THREAT: There is the constant sense … Continue reading Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma parental review


The Order: 1886 parental review

The Order: 1886 is a shooter set in an alternate history of the Victorian Era. VIOLENCE: During gameplay, firearms are mainly used to kill enemies, which can be humans or werewolves. Firefights are intense and include blood splatters. Using certain weapons can result in strong gore, such as arms being blown off and decapitations.  If … Continue reading The Order: 1886 parental review

The Bunker parental review

The Bunker is a live-action game featuring John, a man who has lived his life in a nuclear bunker on his own after the outside world was devastated by a nuclear apocalypse. He experiences flashbacks to his childhood. LANGUAGE: There is one use of strong language in an exclamation 'for f**k's sake'. Mild and moderate … Continue reading The Bunker parental review

Quantum Break parental review

Quantum Break is a sci-fi third-person shooter. Players assume the role of a man who essentially becomes a superhero because of his ability to warp time to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. He has to save time. VIOLENCE: The gameplay in Quantum Break features strong bloody violence towards enemy human characters, mainly consisting of realistic … Continue reading Quantum Break parental review

1979 Revolution: Black Friday parental review

1979 Revolution: Black Friday tells the story of the Iranian revolution. Players assume the role of Reza, a photographer who documents the events but gets embroiled into them himself. The game is heavily focused on story and historical accuracy. The gameplay mostly involves making decisions, taking photos or, in a few scenes, following button prompts … Continue reading 1979 Revolution: Black Friday parental review

Heavy Rain parental review

Heavy Rain is an interactive thriller in which the player assumes the role of four characters and must hunt down a serial killer. The story is shaped by the player's decisions. VIOLENCE: Heavy Rain contains infrequent strong violence, mainly made up of fist-fighting, but there is never any strong detail of injuries inflicted. The strongest violence … Continue reading Heavy Rain parental review