ReCore parental review

ReCore is an action-adventure game. Players assume the role of Joule Adams, who must save mankind from a terrible fate. VIOLENCE: Gameplay features fast-paced combat in which Joule Adams uses futuristic guns to fight robotic enemies. Battles feature lasers, explosions and bursts of colours such as black and red, but there is no blood or … Continue reading ReCore parental review


Project X Zone 2 parental review

Project X Zone 2 is a strategy RPG. VIOLENCE: Project X Zone 2 features violence towards creatures and other humans, which can include magic attacks, punches and kicks and weapons such as swords. The violence is cartoonish, over-the-top and unrealistic, so it would be silly to classify it too high. The fast pace of the … Continue reading Project X Zone 2 parental review

No Man’s Sky parental review

No Man's Sky is a first-person space exploration game in which players can explore a virtually endless universe full of planets. The art style is cartoony and resembles a classic science fiction book cover. VIOLENCE: On the surface of planets, players can attack and kill alien wildlife with sci-fi weaponry such as lasers, but there are … Continue reading No Man’s Sky parental review

Metroid Prime: Federation Force parental review

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a first-person multiplayer shooter. It has a sci-fi setting and a cartoony art direction. VIOLENCE: Players shoot various alien creatures, space pirates and so on with lasers, causing them to disintegrate into small black shapes which fade away. This effect is non-realistic.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon parental review

HORROR: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon features various haunted mansions to explore which are creepy in a Scooby-Doo kind of way- that is, they are funny (especially due to Luigi's, the protagonist's, reactions to it all) but very young children may be frightened by them. Ghosts appear in comical jump scares that are much more likely … Continue reading Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon parental review

Little Inferno parental review

IMITABLE BEHAVIOUR: As this game is all about burning things, it may be something younger kids may want to imitate in real life. Many of the objects you burn are just toys, but one of the objects is fireworks. However, the game's cartoony style means it looks nothing like real life. DRUGS: One of the … Continue reading Little Inferno parental review

Hyrule Warriors Legends parental review

Hyrule Warriors Legends is a hack-and-slash action game set in a fantasy Universe which is made up of different Legend of Zelda games. VIOLENCE: In Hyrule Warriors Legends, the player must fight continuous hordes of fantastical creatures with various weapons (mainly the sword). Several enemies are wiped out even with a single blow, however there is no … Continue reading Hyrule Warriors Legends parental review