Killing Floor 2 parental review

Killing Floor 2 is a first-person shooter in which the player has to kill zombies. VIOLENCE: Players use a variety of guns to kill zombies, with impacts registering as blood splatters and explosions of gore, as well as slow motion which highlights the infliction of injury. There is however an option to turn down the gore. … Continue reading Killing Floor 2 parental review


Watch Dogs parental review

Watch Dogs is a third-person shooter stealth game set around Chicago. VIOLENCE: Gameplay contains violence involving weapons such as firearms, clubs and explosions to defeat human enemies. Impacts may result in a small amount of blood, but there is never any strong detail. Generally, the player is encouraged to play stealthily using hacking, meaning violence … Continue reading Watch Dogs parental review

Titanfall 2 parental review

Titanfall 2 is a sci-fi first-person shooter. Players control humans but enter titans, giant mechs for fighting. VIOLENCE: Players use guns and explosives to defeat enemies in the single-player campaign, or other players in the multiplayer. Depending on the weapons used, there are blood spurts and enemies sometimes explode into chunks, although particular body parts … Continue reading Titanfall 2 parental review

The Order: 1886 parental review

The Order: 1886 is a shooter set in an alternate history of the Victorian Era. VIOLENCE: During gameplay, firearms are mainly used to kill enemies, which can be humans or werewolves. Firefights are intense and include blood splatters. Using certain weapons can result in strong gore, such as arms being blown off and decapitations.  If … Continue reading The Order: 1886 parental review

Star Wars Battlefront parental review

Star Wars Battlefront is a shooter based on the Star Wars films. VIOLENCE: Violence is no worse than in the films. The same futuristic weapons such as laser guns and lightsabers that you see in the films are used to defeat enemies in combat. Though explosions can be triggered, the violence in this game never … Continue reading Star Wars Battlefront parental review

Resident Evil: Revelations parental review

This is a horror game set upon an abandoned ship. VIOLENCE: Most of the violence involves the player shooting monsters, causing spurts of blood. If a monster grabs hold of the player character, it begins feeding off him. One type of monsters extends a tongue into the player to feed. You can see a lot … Continue reading Resident Evil: Revelations parental review

ReCore parental review

ReCore is an action-adventure game. Players assume the role of Joule Adams, who must save mankind from a terrible fate. VIOLENCE: Gameplay features fast-paced combat in which Joule Adams uses futuristic guns to fight robotic enemies. Battles feature lasers, explosions and bursts of colours such as black and red, but there is no blood or … Continue reading ReCore parental review

Ratchet & Clank parental review

Ratchet & Clank is a 3D platformer focused on shooting. Players assume the role of a Ratchet, a bobcat and Clank, a robot, who must team up to save the galaxy. VIOLENCE: Ratchet can attack enemies such as aliens with various guns in action-packed gameplay but the violence is goofy in style. The weapons are … Continue reading Ratchet & Clank parental review

Quantum Break parental review

Quantum Break is a sci-fi third-person shooter. Players assume the role of a man who essentially becomes a superhero because of his ability to warp time to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. He has to save time. VIOLENCE: The gameplay in Quantum Break features strong bloody violence towards enemy human characters, mainly consisting of realistic … Continue reading Quantum Break parental review

Overwatch parental review

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter with a cartoon art style. VIOLENCE: Gameplay features moderate violence involving fantasy characters shooting at each other and is accompanied by grunts of pain and occasional blood spurts. Defeated enemies fall to the ground. The unrealistic, cartoon art style of the game mitigates the level of detail and impact of the … Continue reading Overwatch parental review